About Johna Mancini

Johna Mancini graduated from Colorado University at Denver with a degree in Theater Directing and Communication in 1978. He started his first theater company, AIR Theatre, in Denver, specializing it in performance art and experimental productions. (The White Couch - Café de Paris)

Johna spent 20 years in Rome, Italy, creating a new theatre company called Liquid Theatre. There, he created several avant-garde plays such as, Titolo, L’Uomo Invisibile, Angel, and Lulu. He also worked with Federico Fellini in 2 of his film as an actor:  E La Nave Va' (And The Ship Sails On) and The Intervista (The Interview).

In 1996 he returned to the United States and continues his work in video films, and video art in New York City. Johna produced his first documentary ''JE SUIS ZU'' about a transgender artist that lives in Amsterdam. He started a series of videos about the art-gay community of New York. He has worked with Phoebe Legere, Joey Arias, and Taylor Mac.

Johna is currently working on a new internet video project entitled, “ZOO”.