About Johna Mancini

This highly experienced and enthusiastic native of Italy, comes to us from Rome with impressive and eclectic experience in the art of Visual Window Display Designing. His clients include the most prestigious and successful brands in fashion. Coming from a theater background - set design, directing and play writing have always been Johna Mancini's passions. However splendid, inventive and sometimes outrageous visual merchandise creations are his forte.

Johna Mancini has executed numerous window ideas for Valentino along with collaborating on visual merchandising displays throughout the shops in Italy. He also designed the Grand Opening Paris Exhibition titled "30 years of Magic", supervised fashion photography shoots and stylized fashion shows for this brand.

For Emporio Armani, a much more "sporty line", Johna designed the windows and props which were later featured at Armani Art Fund. He impressed us with his geometric and colorful designs for Dolce & Gabbana, grabbed our attention with his innovative vision, combination of art and fashion for Gucci and exquisite details for Versace.

Johna explored strange and emotional moods to create a wild atmosphere for Jean Paul Gaultier and continued this intense, unconventional journey with some of his other clients including Irie, Kenzo and Escada.

A truly eye opening design was created for Fendi which was a mixture of hand drawings on canvas backdrops and little mannequins dressed with the fabrics of the fashion collections. For more conservative taste, Johna created a classic business look for the windows of a leading menswear store in Rome "Brioni" also distributed in the United States at Macy's, Bergdorf Goodman's and Barney's

Since he moved to New York in 1998, he also collaborated with the architect Peter Marino as a visual merchandising consultant and window display artist for the inside vitrines of the Chanel corporation.

His credits also include collaboration with chief editor Domenico Vacca of Italia Magazine for the organization of the Stile Italia. 1997 Madison Avenue event and window display for Bulgari, Tanino Crisci, La Perla, Krizia, Bereta, Davide Cenci, Testoni and Les Copains.